Monday, February 20, 2006

the social bobcat transforms

so it's Presidents Day and my employer has been kind enough to give me the day to let me reflect on and remember my favorite American president (, why not?) so of course the answer to your question is 'yes, i would like to use up some of my holiday putting on my goaltending gear at home and taking low-quality pictures to post online'.

Thanks to the forced perspective camera angle, see me as my opponents do as I loom Incredible-Hulk-like in size over my now-seemingly miniscule living room

Marvel at the impenetrable wall I have created, all but ensuring that no pet toys can be rolled under the couch out of reach

For comparative purposes, witness my David-Banner-like sans-equipment regression as I show how ridiculous the goalie stance looks without gear, while sporting a shadow afro and making a comical monkeyface

Finally, check out our dog Pugston's own green-eyed Incredible Hulk impression as he barked angrily at me for dressing up in my gear at home and looking like a big scary alien or something

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