Sunday, August 21, 2011

July 2011: the non-Destin vacation parts

July in Houston generally is, and was, a very hot summer, but that didn't keep the Sobczaks, Chows, and Bartsches from doing fun things outdoors like trike riding and naturally even more fun things indoors like coffee table ping-pong, 'horsey' races, and a visit to Moody Gardens for some sea life on exhibit. Photo / video evidence below!

Paw Paw on the run

2011-07-03 001

Viewing the great trike riding landscape

2011-07-03 004

On the move down the trail

Pedaling with youthful energy

Giddyup, horseys!

Little Moi Moi shown walking around quite well

Adam and Dad practice their family circus act

Making Adam smile, and making Paw Paw terrified

Only Dad has the right physical dimensions for the leg swing

Coming at ya!

Adam bests Dad in coffee table ping pong

The powerful rising shot to Dad's forehand

2011-07-26 003

Paw Paw and Gung Gung with the kids at Moody Gardens' exhibit

2011-07-26 004

Kids getting their hands wet - literally

2011-07-26 006

Shark cage exhibit - or Moody Gardens children's jail?

2011-07-26 008

Evelyn looking a lot like her sister Audrey

2011-07-26 012

Evelyn soaks in the love from Paw Paw

2011-07-26 001

Adam shows no fear of the mighty prehistoric shark thing

2011-07-30 002

Mommy and Adam playing it cool