Thursday, September 13, 2007

the door at work

so the office in the building in which i work is accessible by two doors on opposite ends of the area; both are magnetically locked and can only be opened with the proper badge and reading of the code on said badge by the door lock sensor.

that is, until yesterday when someone leaned too heavy a shoulder or something into the door near my end, the result being that the metal arm lever that brings the door to a mechanically controlled slow, smooth close was broken off from its moorings to the door frame and now acts as a wedge that keeps the door from being closed properly.

maintenance should be by to fix it in short order, but the interesting thing to me for the time being is, having gone through the swipe badge / open door / proceed through door routine for a long time now, that i get this weird Pavlovian sense of unease whenever i now walk through the door standing listlessly agape.

there are no free and open doors anymore, it's lunacy! there must be some requirement to gain access, it boggles the modern mind to just flow through unchecked.