Sunday, September 02, 2012

July 2012

Hey everybody -  July came and went pretty quickly but we managed to get some photos and videos in.  and here they are!

2012-07-22 005

Men of the house

2012-07-22 003

Big ol' smile

2012-07-12 009

Adam's chow stuffed animal never had a chance

2012-07-12 002

Adam shares some of his architecture

2012-07-09 007

Gung Gung inspects the horse with Collin

2012-07-09 006


The reward for effort is a red plastic ball and a flip-flop

2012-07-01 008

Happy Birthday Gung Gung - from everybody

2012-07-01 003

Evelyn and Adam at the arts & crafts table

Getting started early on the gymnastics

Brotherly suplex!

Get that licensed Pixar product!