Friday, February 17, 2006

"humor" from a mile away

so this past week our veep Dick Cheney accidentally peppered his hunting buddy with grapeshot while trying to down a quail and immediately the lazy minds of a thousand crappy musician/comedians sputtered to life.

for those of us who heard the news and are at least somewhat familiar with Aerosmith's body of work, the glaring pun flashed instantaneously in our brains.

99.99% of everyone who registered this thought already knew how predictable and lame it would be to actually bring the idea to life, in fact probably 99.99% of everyone only thought it up at all as part of the normal guessing game as to what crappy humor would soon spring forth from the latest embarrassing news item.

but, without fail today, i got to enjoy my daily foray into the Houston morning traffic gridlock to the radio accompaniment of some loser singing "Cheney's Got A Gun", the musical equivalent of cinema's 'Big Momma's House'.

EDIT: after further review and doing the math, replace "99.99% of everyone" in the statement above with "100% of reasonable, smart people and 1.2% of the 'intelligently regressive'"; gotta account for the fact that someone out there seems to persist in paying money to watch Martin Lawrence make faces and flail about like a moron.


JMD said...

Apparently, at least one individual from the "reasonable, smart people" camp listens to Walton and Johnson, it seems.

The Social Bobcat said...

unfortunately, yes; i flip over to them when 94.5 the Buzz's endless campaigning to get me to "enjoy some Bud Lights with my buds who are also big Bud fanatics and know the only way to have a rockin time is to have a Bud time" frays my last nerve.

even then W & J can be a bit much; there's just not a whole lot of sure-fire product out there on Houston drive-time morning radio.

and thanks for your patronage Dedman, I've doubled my blog readership in only a matter of weeks

Steven said...

iPod connector for car: 345

Never having to endure morning drive-time inanity: priceless.