Wednesday, February 22, 2006

origins of the social bobcat

so i'm self-named as The Social Bobcat (though I have also answered to Sobby and Check, most often in relation to sports activities) but maybe a brief explanation is warranted.

those that know me know i keep a fairly small circle of close friends and lack the kind of dynamic personality that keeps the party rockin' til dawn. so why the 'social', why the 'bobcat'?

the answer is Microsoft Word.

my last name, when entered into Word, is seen as a misspelling (what with its traffic wreck of consonants in the middle) so Word in its infinite helpfulness suggests two words as possible replacments for the typing 'error': Social and Bobcat.

hence the social bobcat was born.


Steven said...

The best thing Microsoft has done for my enjoyment of life in years.

JMD said...

Now I know.

The Social Bobcat said...

and knowing is half the battle, yo Joe!

(the other half is automatic / guided weaponry)