Sunday, July 29, 2012

June 2012 - Summertime with Kids

Paid a visit to the Bartsches at the nice condo they rented out at one of the nicer sections of Galveston's beach,   and also saw Collin make big strides on his mobility.

2008-01-04 004

Collin in the easy chair

2008-01-06 001

Collin still really really likes this toy

Having lots of laughs with big brother

2012-06-09 001

Audrey and Adam, photographed artistically, at Galveston Beach

2012-06-09 006

Adam flees the massive and growing collection of seaweed

2012-06-09 031

Collin and Gung Gung dress smartly for the summer sun

2012-06-09 037

Practice on the beach in summer equals success on the field in the fall

Snacks under the shade,  then off  for a twenty yard run up the middle

2012-06-09 046

Enjoying the mild surf

2012-06-09 060

Showing off the seven month old physique

2012-06-14 012

A quick close-up

2012-06-15 010

Adam helps out with little brother's hydration needs

2012-06-24 001

Adam does some major automotive work

2012-06-25 002

Poh Poh gets a case of the giggles

2012-06-29 008

Mic check

2012-06-30 001

Taking a spin on big brother's new bike

2012-06-30 004

One of many airplane rides in the little guy's future

2012-06-30 006

Belly crawlling after a moving target

Rumblin', stumblin'  across the floor

Proper motivation

Ending the month with a good solid trek over to Mommy

Some preliminary cruising work

Loving some H2O