Sunday, September 25, 2011

August 2011 - Where's the rain?

Mother Nature kept sticking with the plan of ratcheting up the heat and denying the rainstorms, so Adam took a cue to focus on fixing things indoors with Daddy and Gung Gung, as well as getting some time in on the indoor soccer field

2011-08-24 004

Maxin' and relaxin' on the couch with Mommy

2011-08-24 005

Mommy checks out this thumb-sucking thing that's all the rage

2011-08-25 001

Gung Gung and Adam build a tower out of off-spec foam Chinese blocks

2011-08-28 001

Behold the train universe of the family common room

2011-08-15 002

Hanging up the entryway mirror

Adam shows Dad how you drive a nail

Dad (in the keeper black-and-yellow) gathers in the point-blank low save

A quick low save at the beginning, and save via taking out the opponent at the end

Adam helps Dad with some kicking practice after his game

A bit of passing 1-2

Good practice done, carried off the field like a champion