Monday, June 25, 2007

at the Target checkout

so grace and i were on a low-quantity Target run for some miscellaneous grocery items and we're behind this guy in line.

probably about in his late twenties, i think he was indian; he's buying exactly two DVDs and nothing else.

engaging in a casual invasion of privacy, i glance over to see which titles he had elected to purchase.

consider this:



Action Force (starring Steven Seagal)

what an odd mix

now i can understand if this DVD run was the result of some compromise; girlfriend / wife wants Dreamgirls and in return guy gets to have an action flick, but if that's the case why isn't he buying one of the classics, like the first Die Hard? or Aliens? or Predator?

what drives someone to not only buy a Steven Seagal movie but also one of his certainly more recent direct-to-DVD releases? i mean, if he was buying Hard to Kill i might give it a pass, but Action Force? i'm starting to think a review of the man's collection at home might also include a few seasons of Walker, Texas Ranger.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

check your dictionary, son

so i was waiting in Fuzzy's Pizza late evening last night for my to-go order of pizza to make its way out of the oven.

tired and a little bored, i sat down near the racks of free local magazines and started perusing.

found one called "DISH" apparently concerning all matters of food and cooking, or at least those matters that could be discussed within its ten or twelve pages. high-color production but the flavor of the articles and illustrations pointed toward a less-than-professionally-trained crew. case in point was the magazine's cartoon strip which was three frames depicting various people's positive interactions with DISH magazine and their efforts to pass along knowledge of DISH magazine to other people at restaurants and parties and such and how those other people were equally as pleased with what DISH magazine had to offer.

flipped to the back and found some fluff paragraph all about the Blue Bell Creamery in Breham. the sentence that caught my eye read something like this:

"just a short drive outside of town you can find the Blue Bell Creamery, in a melancholy world all its own."

melancholy....i'm sure the author meant to intend something else. i went to the Blue Bell Creamery as a kid, seemed pretty upbeat to me. but it's been many a year since then; maybe i'm mistaken, maybe i've been living inside the fog of assumption that a business entirely centered around pleasure food was immune to the pitfalls of gloom and depression.