Thursday, February 23, 2006

10 char, what's the code?

i frequent some message boards from time to time and feel relatively comfortable with the various abbreviations used to express common sentiments (IMHO, YMMV, etc.) but one nut i haven't cracked is the use of '10 char' (sometimes '10 character', sometimes in parentheses, i think).

if i recall correctly it seems to be used in the context of someone agreeing with a previous poster's comments but i'm lost as to what the phrase itself represents.

so let's have it BB trollers, what's the scoop?

EDIT: after retrieving some samples from the web that failed to show any contextual pattern, it seems apparent to me that 10 char is the bulletin board's way of saying 'something in my underlying HTML code is broken'.


Steven said...

Do you have an example?

The Social Bobcat said...

examples plucked fresh from the web:


(10 char)"

"Nice hit. (10 char)"

so, after closer inspection, i think this is just some formatting error in the BB code, no secret meaning.