Wednesday, November 09, 2011

November 2011 - A (Collin) Sobczak is born!

Pleased to introduce to the world - Collin Grant Sobczak! healthy 9 1/2 pounder, little brother to his doting Goh Goh Adam. Mom and baby are doing well and we're all enjoying some family time at home.

Enjoy some pictures of young Collin and the various well-wishing friends and family members who stopped by hospital or home to meet and pose with him.

2011-11-01 012

First off, mommy and Collin

2011-11-01 017

Aunt Allison and eldest cousin Audrey

2011-11-01 020

Dad and Goh Goh , all smiles

2011-11-01 022

Adam bestows the brotherly kindness

2011-11-01 038

Gung Gung and Poh Poh, proud grandparents one more time around

2011-11-01 041

Adam shows off the new gifts Collin brought him

2011-11-01 042

Adam snuggles up to Mommy on the reclining bed

2011-11-01 050

Got your nose, little bro

2011-11-01 051

The whole family gets together

2011-11-02 005

Uncle Darren always dresses fancy for new baby arrivals

2011-11-02 013

Aunt Karyn and Dad line up to show the Sobczak sibling trait spectrum

2011-11-03 001

Dad sleeping soundly on his hospital "bed"

2011-11-03 009

Family time back at the house

2011-11-03 013

Adam and crew enjoy the belated birthday fishing game from Tara

2011-11-03 020


2011-11-03 023

Adam happily joins in doling out the feedings

2011-11-03 026

The brothers Sobczak and the grandparents, chatting before bedtime

2011-11-04 001

Adam enjoys some of Aunt Karyn's watercoloring gifts

2011-11-04 007

Papa Bob confers with Adam on the current building block project

Engineering goes awry at the end

2011-11-04 008

Aunt Lara enjoying some cradling

2011-11-04 011

Papa Bob lets Collin experience his tallest person-holding-me yet

2011-11-04 012

Grandma and Adam sharing a moment

2011-11-04 013

Aunt Lara and Adam catch up on the latest iPod gaming

2011-11-04 015

Adam takes a sit down memory lane

2011-11-04 016

Mom and son keeping warm on a cold day

2011-11-05 001

Mom and sons laugh it up, I suspect because Collin burped

2011-11-05 004

Sleepy time

2011-11-05 007

Collin filling up not quite as much of this seat as Adam

2011-11-06 003

I can still ride in this, too, right?

2011-11-06 008

Kate comes by to let Adam introduce her to her new playmate

2011-11-06 010

'Uncle' Lance and Kate give Collin a warm welcome

Sunday, November 06, 2011

October 2011 - Pumpkins & Trains

the weather finally started taking a turn for the colder which led to some outdoor fun times for the kids in the form of a visit to the pumpkin patch and some treehouse monkeying around at Day Day and Mui Mui's backyard.

back indoors a bunch of elderly hobbyists decided to entertain both themselves and the very very young with a model train convention downtown; Adam could hardly contain himself

2011-10-09 001

Adam tells Gung Gung which large-scale train he wants Dad to buy and bring home

2011-10-09 007

Mommy, Adam, and Collin (belly inset) head to the next exhibit

2011-10-09 014

Checking out an A+ worthy diorama of the American train system of the 20th century

2011-10-09 018

The grandfolks catch up at lunch after the convention

2011-10-09 017

Elegant baby Mary

2011-10-14 006

Adam and Audrey amidst the pumpkins

2011-10-14 008

Gung Gung and Adam take a bench rest

2011-10-14 009

All the kid-pumpkins in a row

2011-10-14 011

You can feel the kinetic energy in this photograph just by looking at it

2011-10-14 016

Gung Gung has his hands full here

Adam gives Audrey a push

2011-10-14 017

Audrey hangs on for dear life

Slide time!

2011-10-14 027

CRASH! nah just kidding

2011-10-14 019

Evelyn in the garden

2011-10-28 002

Daily iPad interface conditioning

Flash cards!

Fun time with flashlight: moon on the ceiling!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

September 2011 - Adam, meet the Aquarium

The McGuire family came over for some late-summer backyard fun in the water and sun, plus Adam, Paw Paw, Gung Gung, and Mommy headed off to the aquarium to see the fishes. Also, Adam shows off his iPad skills

Adam rocks out to some totally rad nursery songs

2011-09-14 001

Getting a head start on mastering device interactivity of the future

Spotting the Dot

Changing tires like a NASCAR pit crew pro

2011-09-02 002

Let's have an aquarium adventure!

2011-09-02 018

Adam gets his height from Daddy

2011-09-02 004


2011-09-02 034

"Gung Gung, neeehhhhh!"

2011-09-02 028

Prepping his wide-eyed amazement look for the shark train ride

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. (dropping the reference yet I've never seen the movie all the way through)

A good old fashioned pigeon chase

2011-09-02 040

Mommy strikes a sweet pose

2011-09-05 003

Adam and Olivia cheerfully ride off together into the sunset

2011-09-05 010

Uncle David helpfully fills up Adam's frisbee as per request

Getting hosed down, and loving it

2011-09-05 004

heads up dude!

2011-09-05 011

Olivia elusively dodges her dad's water spraying

2011-09-05 014

hehe, hey stop it! ok, well one more time

2011-09-05 024

hanging out together - good times

2011-09-05 019

Backyard superhero!

Gung Gung puts on a science display, during which Adams stages a sneak attack