Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June 2010: Adam A-Poppin

Summertime and the weather's getting hotter but that hasn't slowed Adam down one bit. Whether at the pool, checking out the butterflies at the Museum of Natural Science, or just hanging out with his mommy and his old man, the little guy has stayed pretty active and happy. Fortunately we captured the evidence of said happy activities on digital film and video.

Feeding a baby metabolism is hard work

Berry time is happy time

Who needs a $160 Big Wheel? We've got an empty laundry basket

The Hamper Slingshot - Must be Under 36" Tall To Ride

Dad shares his grown-up bowl of Fruity Cheerios

Potassium Recharge

Adam evaluates Gung Gung's animal sound mimicry skills

Above the Rim

Oven Mitt = baby nunchuks

This pair of pajamas was recovered from the 1972 Sears Groovy Babies collection

Burning Plastic on the Indoor Circuit

His name is Pegleg, and yep - we took him home

Babies are cool to travel through the Amazon, right?

Baby Laughter - Try Some Today!