Friday, April 30, 2010

April showers bring more Adam developments

April was jam-packed with new ways for Adam to get out there and interact with the world - he's doing more and more every day. A quick rundown of the main bullet points:

Skills, Motor:

- full-fledged walking (and near-running) champ

- discovered the awesomeness of playing with balloons, both helium and carbon dioxide filled

- fishtailing expertly around corners on his tricycle (parent-pushed)

- starting to work on his intro-level parkour skills by climbing on gates, chairs and couches

- plays 'human trampoline' with mom & dad by clambering atop the upper torso and gleefully bouncing up and down

- swings his arms, initiates rump-shaking and gets in the groove when he hears music a-playin'

- can wield a mean (plastic) fork to spear dinner bits and make the move from tray to mouth

Skills, Biological:

- Teeth count: six! (four upper, two lower). his is officially a toothy smile

Skills, Expressive:

- honors Native American culture by making the "ba-ba-ba" palm-rapidly-on-and-off-the-mouth-making-sounds sound.

- developed a fairly disarming laughing smirk

"da-da" (pater familias)
"ma-ma" (mater familias)
"po po" (Chinese babyspeak for 'carry me')
"paw paw" (Chinese babyspeak for 'grandma')
"dun dun" (Chinese babyspeak for "light")
"No" (the universal expression)
"down" (i don't want to be this elevated anymore)
"ni ni" (Chinese babyspeak for "milk")

- knows how to "sek sek" (kiss) loved ones

- can use baby sign language for "more" and "no more"

- actively points to let you know where you need to be taking him next for further investigation

Skills, Eating:

- distinct favorite food choice: any type of berry. he'll go seriously chipmunk with some blueberries

Skills, Manners:

- understands "put on your shoes" and will sit down in your lap to let you put them on him

Skills, Educational:

- starting to go to his chair and desk set to "read" books

Happiness is a young baby and his red balloon

Walking and Waving a Balloon Simultaneously

Horseytime fun

Easter treasure hunting, in clever disguise

On the cutting edge of culinary headwear fashion

Enter: the Mystery Tunnel!

Full steam ahead


Madcap Ballcap fun

The 22 lb bench press (it's more of a toning exercise)

Modern men are secure enough in their manliness to fold laundry

Hanging around with Patrick, his largest stuffed buddy

Ready to roll

Fresh off an exciting toy box lid toboggan ride

Monday, April 05, 2010

Traveling or on the go? Take a minute to get the recap of Adam's March!

March saw no decrease to the range of Adam's activities and experiences:

- he had his second consecutive successful airplane round trip - ever the well-behaved gentleman while flying the friendly skies.

- he took his first unassisted walking steps (see below) and is on his way to becoming a bipedal speed demon. he has developed a love of being chased, running away while happily looking over his shoulder at his pursuer and laughing in terrified glee.

- top teeth began to outnumber the bottoms as the fight for gum hemisphere supremacy continues.

- the athletic Sobczak instincts continued to take root; Adam is showing great interest and prowess in deliberately kicking playballs around the living room. He also tosses them but at this point it's more an 'in the air like you just don't care' approach

National Father / Son Fashion Coordination Day

When you're a baby, the world is your jungle gym.

Cracking Up

My name is Adam - I like to dance! (any Yo Gabba Gabba-aware people in the house?)

The thrill of climbing Mt. Parent

Proudly displaying a prize trophy in the Baby Catch and Release program

Reading (or the preliminary facsimile appearances of such) is FUN-damental.

Dancing (now with Singing!) - part two

We're through the solid foods looking glass, people.

Walking Tall

Making a path towards the goal.

Technically not tall enough for the table yet, but still ready to dominate.

Siesta with Paw Paw.