Sunday, July 17, 2011

Destin-ation: Beach Vacation!

Mommy, Daddy, Adam and Grandpa Gung Gung hopped on a plane and jetted off to northwest Florida to stay in a cozy rented beach villa duplex within sight of Miramar Beach just outside the city of Destin.

Pier fishing, the swimming pool, and of course a couple of visits to the beach were just part of the fun we all had out there.

2011-07-10 004

Adam and Gung Gung hanging out at base camp

2011-07-11 001

Out on Oskaloosa Pier for some periodically-rainy day pier fishing

2011-07-11 006

Adam sets his net sights on one of the omnipresent coastal birds in violation of pier loitering laws

Even with the sound of the wind masking his approach, the bird remains one step ahead

2011-07-11 011

Getting hands on with the squid bait

2011-07-11 010

Adam shows Dad how to get the fish to bite

2011-07-11 013

Gung Gung and Adam strike a quick pose before casting out for some fish

Gung Gung reels in the big catch

2011-07-11 019

Tonight, we feast!

2011-07-11 023

2011-07-11 026

Adam and Gung Gung resting up back at the beach house

2011-07-11 028

Going down the stairs pretty much "all by myself"

2008-01-01 002

Hello from the beach!

2008-01-01 004

Adam and Gung Gung get a look at the blue Gulf water

2011-07-12 004

Mommy (and little brother in waiting) get in on the beach / ocean fun

2011-07-12 009

A bucket that would be refilled many times over

2011-07-12 012

It's all about the scoop technique

Time for some awesome wave jumping

2011-07-12 018

Beach ball, prepare to be kicked!

2011-07-12 019


2011-07-12 022


2011-07-12 023

the kick so powerful, the force of it moves the oceans

the best athletes do their offseason training on the sand

Adam working on his soccer header technique, with a little gymnastics donkey kick at the end

2011-07-13 002

Beach Day 2: The Shoveling

2011-07-13 005

Powerful baby legs - honed by sandwalking

2011-07-13 007

Color coordinated, totally cool

2011-07-13 008

The obligatory family beach photo

2011-07-13 011

Pool day!

mastering the backstroke (the kicking part at least)

big splashes, big speed

2011-07-13 016

smile of a champion

2011-07-13 027

Mommy and Gung Gung, poolside

2011-07-14 002

with the shades on, kinda already looks like a steely-nerved combat zone pilot

2011-07-14 006

At the airport, a quick photo before heading home (in a commercial plane - not pictured)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

June 2011: Summertime Adam

no rain for the parched Houston area in June (that I can remember) , but there was still plenty of Adam antics and smiles in the forecast.

Adam works on his ping-pong game, and Paw Paw applauds heartily

Adam plays chicken with Gung Gung, then heads through the Tall Dad Bridge

2011-06-01 001

All smiles on his bike ride

2011-06-04 002

Helping Dad and Gung Gung with the kitchen appliance installation

Top-secret install work, Mom: no pictures!

2011-06-04 005

Chomping down on some cobbed corn

2011-06-05 003


Kiddie pool: where a hat becomes a bucket

2011-06-05 006

Enjoying the sun in a way his now easily-sunburned Dad cannot

2011-06-20 001

Lookit that belly!

2011-06-20 002

Belly closeup, better side view

2011-06-20 003

Mommy and her camera disturbed precious nighttime Ipod time

2011-06-21 001

File footage for his future engineering college application

2011-06-25 002

Just hanging around on the couch, probably watching Thomas and Friends