Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March 2012 - Homebodies

judging from the collected March photos, looks like we kept the camera (if not ourselves) at home. Collin rolls over, and eats mushy rice cereal, while Adam looks on approvingly.


Chewing on a friend

Adam gets in the groove with a "Thriller"-scored Thomas The Tank Engine video

2012-03-02 002

Gung Gung and Collin enjoy a sit

2012-03-11 001

Big smile

2012-03-14 001

Adam shares the secrets of the railway

2012-03-14 002

2012-03-16 004

All the kids get together; Collin is terrified

2012-03-16 006

Exposing the Buddha belly

2012-03-17 013

Getting into the feeding routine

Distraction plays a key role in early feedings

2012-03-17 030

Thanks Mom, good eats

Collin proposes his plan for the day's activities

2012-03-20 010

Adam helps Gung Gung with a bit of assembly


2012-03-20 004

Thanks for the jumperoo big brother

The beginning of Collin's obsession with glowing lights

2012-03-21 002

Bronco-busting, just like my big brother used to do

2012-03-30 004

hey Adam , you used to be shorter than the gate

2012-03-30 007

A look of wonder and drool