Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sep and Oct 2012

Sorry, the original laptop suffered through a life-ending hardware crash of some sort, so  this catch-up selection for September and October is coming to you a little bit late.  

Lots happened -   Collin learning to walk,  Adam attending soccer camp, and a family vacation to Grapevine's Great Wolf Lodge waterpark spectacular!

2012-09-02 003

Collin showing off the chompers

2012-09-06 010

No more prunes!

2012-09-09 001

Ready to play some soccer Dad!

Well maybe not quite ready Dad.

Now I'm ready Dad -  GOOOAAAALLL

Got my cool superstar sticker 

2012-09-09 024

Guest photographer Adam gets a cheerful shot of Poh Poh and Collin

2012-09-13 004

Great Wolf Lodge!  Now where's the water?

2012-09-13 010

Mommy and Adam found the water

and Adam found his favorite waterslides

2012-09-13 020

Yes son, one day you too can be this tall and pale

2012-09-13 023

Bathtime or waterpark, Collin loves it all

2012-09-13 027

It wouldn't be a family vacation without arts & crafts

2012-09-13 028

2012-09-14 003

LEGOLAND (franchise in an aging mall)

2012-09-14 005

2012-09-14 015

2012-09-14 020

Quick shot of the 66.67% awake boys

2012-09-27 005

Never happier than playing with big brother's toys

Walk my son

Collin in pursuit on foot

2012-09-27 012

The rubber-banded balloon is a hit

2012-09-27 016

2012-09-27 031

2012-09-27 034

2012-09-27 036

Rattling the cages

2012-09-27 038

2012-09-27 041

Adam polishing up his computer and mouse skills

Poh Poh - hilarity machine

I celebrate the toy lawnmower

Monday, November 05, 2012

Sep 2012 - The Big Chow Family Get-Together

In September the extended Chow families converged in Houston to celebrate Grace's grandmother's birthday.  Good times and food were enjoyed by all

2012-09-22 004

At the "kids" table

2012-09-22 005

2012-09-22 006

2012-09-22 008

The elders

2012-09-22 009

2012-09-22 010


2012-09-22 011


2012-09-22 012

Baby Vivian takes a nap

2012-09-22 013

Collin's bottom-toothy smile

The newest addition to the clan, Vivian

Mary sporting the complementary bow and bib set

Poh Poh with Collin

Vivian in repose

Evelyn with a strange look on her face for Allison

Audrey the goofball

The whole gang


The birthday girl with Vivian

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

August 2012

A new cousin for Adam and Collin courtesy of the Bartsches!    Welcome Vivian!

Also Adam started preschool -   the beginning of  many fun adventures

2012-07-27 020

Adam's engineering project passes code

2012-07-27 033

Intense concentration

2012-07-27 040

Collin will now take your calls

2012-07-27 043

Walking the hallowed halls of preschool

2012-07-27 047

Poh Poh and the boys

2012-07-27 049

Big brotherly hug

2012-07-27 056

Uncle Darren introduces us to Vivian

2012-07-27 058

2012-07-27 060

She's got that Bartsch look

2012-08-18 004

Fruits and veggies are always welcome

2012-08-18 008

Hey, so where's the next banana?

2012-08-18 017

Collin inquires further into the fake electronic butterfly in the jar

2012-08-18 023

Helping Mom with the baking

Collin starts his apprenticeship with Adam on blocks and building

Poh Poh brings both the laughs for Collin and a horsey ride for Adam

Adam and Collin go looking down low for the cat

Collin tickles the ivories

Double-horsey rides from Gung Gung

A freshly-haircutted Adam chows down on some fresh watermelon