Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas 2010 and January 2011 - in mid-February!

Q1 (the first three months of the year, in non-accountant speak) is not the best time of the year for free time and idle projects like photo/video uploading and blogging. Work tends to be as bracing and furious as the hard freezes that swept our area in the last couple of weeks and energy tends to run low.

So now that the year-end financials have been assembled, blessed, and shipped off to the worldwide powers that be, let's catch up on some family moving / still images!

Christmas 2010


Christmas for the young man starts shirtless and +Slinky

Adam takes the Hasbro Fast n Furious Tokyo Drift car for a spin


Audrey and Adam modeling the J. Crew Kids' Christmas collection


Paw Paw and Gung Gung testing the specs of Evelyn's cheeks

Adam and Audrey explore sine waves through the medium of Slinky


The family crowd gathers for gifts


Mommy performs the first of many soundings of this horn

Adam gets his ATV on


Audrey the Christmas elf


Storytime for the kids with Gung Gung

Discovery Green! First Time Ice Skating

2010-12-26 001

Not easy to pose on the ice

Moody Gardens Festival of Lights

A return to Moody Gardens Festival of Lights - slightly foggier / drizzlier this time

The Official Christmas Family Photo (and no, it's not slouching - our Christmas tree was that short)


2011-01-02 001

Hanging out with Mom, Dad, and Grandma in Victoria - New Year's Day +1

Laundry Basket Spaceship Rides - for as long as Adam's weight doesn't exceed Dad's arm strength limits

2011-01-04 003

Nerf and Adam share some rare face time

2011-01-04 013


2011-01-09 007

The coolest ATV-rider hat ever

Rolling down our street

2008-01-01 004

Winter is for football!

Winter is for futbol!

Tunnel shenanigans

Rainy day ABC12345s

Adam's first bike ride