Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010 - A Time for Adam and "Punkin"s!

(pumpkins)...November begins with the throwing out of Halloween jack-o-lanterns and most often ends with Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

November was a really full month, from having our good friend Steven stay and visit with us on his way to a New Orleans software developer conference to a nice, breezy day at the zoo and ending it all with a bunch of Chow-side family over at our house for the Thanksgiving break. Lots of time for Adam to play with his cousins and various aunts and uncles, lots of time for the elders to play Mahjong well into the late hours.

One day you're carrying your son everywhere he needs and the next you're wondering how he got so tall and so fast on his feet!


Happiness is a well-stocked toolbench.


Steven: Bringer of Smiles.

2010-10-31 018

Steven and Adam appreciate each other's version of "The Aristocrats"


Contest winner!


All the cool Jedis wear white.


Superblanket Boy


Adam hangs out with new cousin Evelyn.


Showing the old folks how Mahjong is played


Adam and Audrey laughing it up at gymnastics


Photographed shortly before his gold-medal triple backflip dismount

Time to make-a the joose

The kids are crazy with the running and the yelling.

Adam helps Dad with his shoes


Mommy and Adam checking out the fishes.

Adam chats up some antelope (or xebu? can't remember)


Zoo time is good time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween 2010 Adam - October

Nearing the 1 1/2 year mark, Adam's continuing to branch out his personality. Whether getting funky to his toy music or excitedly grabbing a book and plopping down on Mommy or Daddy's lap to point out the animals and shapes, he's staying active on a constant basis. Mommy and Daddy having a great time too!

Technically Adam's second Halloween this year but this time around he was no mere candy-distributor, he took his costume on the go and made the rounds on our street to collect some various forms of sugar to be eaten by Mom and Dad later.



2010-10-31 003

Ready to Hit the Streets for Some Serious Trick-or-Treatin'

2010-10-31 006

Meet and Greet with the local Halloweeners

2010-10-31 008

Bravely Facing the Lurking Doorway Spider

Halloween Bee Dance!


The Cleaning-Up Smile


Breakfast with Beard-Style Dad

Making Paw Paw & Gung Gung proud: Drinking Soup the Chinese Way

Readin' with Dad