Saturday, August 21, 2010

July 2010: Summer of Adam

Our little guy has been getting increasingly more vocal ( to where the months start to blur as to what words and gestures are truly new ) and also steadily more mobile ( to the point where in keeping up with him most of our memory snapshots have been limited to our eye-cameras instead of the digital camera )

Still, though , we're diligently able to grab for the photo technology at the occasional brief pause in whirlwind activity so as to keep this monthly time-lapse blogography project rolling along nicely!

Standing Room Only on the Laundry Bus

Shameless Mugging

Tub Time: Awesome Since May 7th 2009

Have Bib, Will Drool

Adam's Mastered the Art of the Horseride

Wacky Bedtime Shenanigans

Taking it to the Hoop then Horsing Around

China Cabinet Handball

You're a Wizard, Adam.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Modern TV Journalism

i'm going on record here: it is not a good use of time, fuel, and other resources to employ a helicopter and camera crew to film Brett Favre traveling via SUV from an airfield to a training facility, or track the car bringing Lindsey Lohan to a court appearance, etc. just so the talking heads on TV can have a moving image over which to discuss the "news".

Unless the cars they are in are being pursued by dragons, you're wasting celluloid on the phenomenon of modern transportation.