Friday, April 18, 2008

confetti throat

i've got that feeling at the moment - something (or my psychosomatic projection of something that may not actually exist) has taken up temporary lodging in the back right part of my throat. the kind of little bit of something that causes a mildly unpleasant tickling sensation of "hey you usually don't feel something here".

like a piece of metal/plastic confetti that got stuck to the back of your throat and its edges are sensed acutely by all the nerve endings or whatever in the area. i actually did get a piece of metal/plastic confetti stuck there one time when i ate a mint out of a tin that was filled with the confetti and a piece had gotten stuck to the candy without my knowledge.

and no matter what you do, how much water you drink, how much horrendous hacking and hocking you make in the bathroom to dislodge it (and cause your significant other great concern over your well-being in the process), it will not go away but of its own accord, at some point in time far past when you've already started to mentally block out the sensation. then suddenly it's gone, for reasons unknown, and the nightmare is over until the next time some bit of detritus decides that the back of your throat is the cool place to be.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye blue sky

i've been a fan of Pink Floyd since i guess someone in college gave me a copy of Dark Side of the Moon, or Wish You Were Here, or both, i can't quite recall. not something you can listen to while you're spring cleaning, or on a summer road trip, but still has its place as creative, ear-interesting music.

i'd watched The Wall movie once all the way through before, mostly remembering the phantasmagorical WW2 animation of marching hammers and black eagles spreading across the landscape; with the visuals, though, the music of the soundtrack didn't really have 100 % of your attention.

just recently i got a copy of the 2-disc Wall cd set; having listened to it a few times now at work i can say that, while i have never personally been mentally insane and therefore not an expert on mental instability, it does seem that no one is going to make a musical saga that better captures what you feel would be an accurate portrayal of the roller coaster of someone going bonkers from the combined weight of daddy / mommy issues, drug addiction and rock'n'roll stardom.

i think it's something in the vocals that's different from other albums in their catalog; the music is not so much different from other Pink Floyd psyhcedelic weirdness, but the singer sounds genuinely strung out and weird.

"i got wild, staring eyes; i gotta strong urge to flyy.... but i've got nowhere to fly to (fly to) (fly to)"