Wednesday, September 11, 2013

July August 2013

July started up with a  4th of July trip to Grace's high-rise company office downtown to watch the city fireworks.  After that, a bunch of family walks in the neighborhood, some dad & sons soccer.  



There's fireworks to be watched out that window


Family time is dim-sum time 


Swim lessons for Adam

Name Those Shapes with Collin

2013-07-11 019

Adam presiding over storytime

2013-07-11 025

Heading out for a walk to feed the lake turtles

2013-07-11 026

2013-07-11 030

Turtle feedin' time


When the line is too long at the museum to meet Daniel Tiger in person, you opt for his cutout

2013-07-11 051

Adam getting ready for his first soccer league in September

2013-07-11 053

2013-07-11 060

2013-07-11 061

2013-07-11 066

2013-07-11 070

The talk that happens when a kid doesn't want soccer time interrupted by dinner time

Adam is Superman (when he's not busy being Spiderman)

Collin's spirited enjoyment of spin time, followed by spirited disapproval at the prospect of ending spin time

Superman and his sidekick

Collin gets a little encouragement in taking the plunge

Nevermind the quick loss of spacecraft #1,  Adam shows some dodging and shooting superskills for the old school.   Cleared Stage 1, in style!

Collin really getting into lacrosse


Father and son getting dressed up for a wedding reception

All the kids tearing up the dance floor

Dad (and Adam) in pursuit of Collin

Counting Those Blocks with Collin