Sunday, August 20, 2006

the social bobcat in action

so back on June 8th my good buddy Andre' (from way back, like kindergarten way back) came down to Houston to snap a few in-game pictures of me as practice for his burgeoning professional photography career. here's his website:

AMG Photography

lots of good shots there, some of the Dallas Stars in the sports section (even some rugby, sweet!)

Andre was quick on the subsequent developing and touch-up of my action shots but, as per usual, i have been slower than lazy dirt in actually posting them to this site. allow me to remedy that at this time.

Setting up for the faceoff:

The ready stance:

Solid form on a left toe save:

Frozen in mid-save, going to cover the low areas through a screen:

Covering the left side, vigilant, like a hawk:

Kick save, and a beaut':

Eye of the tiger:

The goalie moonwalk:

Fighting through another screen:

The goalie and the out-of-focus enemy butt:

Believe it or not, this was a save, not a goal:

Some of that old-school stand-up style:

well there you go, pictures of me covered in all sorts of bulky equipment. just what the public was clamoring for.

many thanks to Andre for taking the time and effort to get such great action shots. i'm glad i'll have some evidence to show my kids that their dad was crazy enough at one point in his life to put himself directly into the path of a hard projectile traveling at high speeds.


André said...

c'mon, Mike, I'm sure you'll still be playing goalie when you've got Check, Jr. running around! You do wear a cup, right?...

André said...

By the way, it's actually Australian Rules Football, not rugby. But don't ask me what the difference is; check it out for yourself. It's a blast to watch.

If posting twice in a row is bad blog-iquette, I apologize. I claim neophyte status in the blogosphere.

Steven G. Harms said...

I do approve of André's mastetry of the é html entity.

I also approve of mike wearing heavy equipment, because equipment that is heavy should be displayed.

The Social Bobcat said...

andre, we don't put on airs here at the social bobcat blog, feel free to post as many times in a row as you like (multiple comments creates the illusion that many people are actually reading these entries).

isn't australian rules football played on a circular field or something, with massive goalposts and you can basically kick the ball through them at any point/place on the field?

part of the standard-issue goalie uniform is a formidable cup, yes, though on some occasions i've felt as if i should have been wearing two.

The Social Bobcat said...

oh andre i might also note your shots have garnered praise on this goalie forum that i frequent:

André said...

Thanks Steven. I also do "ü" and "ò" oops - I mean "ñ." And the number "5"