Thursday, August 10, 2006

more fox news text fun

Fox News' quote of President Bush, on the subject of this morning's thwarted airplane bombing attempt (it's surreal to be living in a time when something like that can be mentioned so casually, but then again i suppose the world's always been a bit, uh, tumultuous from the get-go):

"Bush: They're Better Not Be Any Leaks In This Case"

damn you Fox News for your continued assault on the esteemed pillars of accuracy and grammar. you are a major US news organization, not a second-grader.

seriously, Fox News typemonkey, just slow down before you enter in the message. take a deep breath. relax. then type.

maybe it's not typemonkey's fault, maybe the text is sent down in that shoddy state from the head office or something and typemonkey is merely faithfully replicating it.


CB said...

I think typemonkey also works where I live. They have started misspelling names of new streets and the city doesn't care. Example: Russling Street as in, "the leaves are russling in the wind."

The Social Bobcat said...

there must be a strong typemonkey union.

are you sure though that the street in example wasn't named in honor of the service from Benjamin Russling, active city resident and civic-minded proponent of properly-maintained city fire hydrants?

CB said...

You have a good point but the article in the paper said that the guy who names the streets found out that rustling was taken so he thought phonics would do just as nice. I wish there was a Benjamin Russling because I would never worry about my fire hydrant again.

The Social Bobcat said...

man, that street sign guy sure has some fixation with the concept of rustling, eh? just wouldn't let it die.