Thursday, August 03, 2006

kneel before M. Night, puny mortal

with Lady in the Water having been recently released, the thought has resurfaced that i'd be a bigger supporter of M. Night Shyamalan's movies if he wasn't such a maniacal egomaniac.

every single one of his movies/TV ads/trailers seems required to have his name splashed all over the intro before you even get to read the title. every movie he's made has him in a cameo role of varying length (i believe they have been getting lengthier with each film).

i'm no pyschiatrist but it seems cut-and-dried from viewing his work product that there exists in him some significant personality issues / emotional baggage.

the thing is, i've generally liked his movies and i see enough of the elements of care and hard work in the films that i don't mistake him to be a talentless hack masquerading as a top-tier director; what i don't get is why he can't get out of the way and let his work reflect on his abilities implicitly.

it's not as if every newspaper / entertainment magazine / TV show connected to the film industry doesn't already report extensively on new films and who is directing them. M Night, if you took your name out of the film credits entirely, people who saw your movie and liked it would still go "Good job, M Night Shyamalan"; those who didn't like it would say "Poor showing, M Night Shyamalan".

Rampant egotism, whether the byproduct of some desperate need for attention/acceptance or whatever, is to me one of the most unattractive personality traits a person in civilized society can have.

i only wonder how early it began for him.

i can imagine a young M Night, dripping wet, walking up to his parents in the living room and saying to them: "Mother, Father, prepare for a shocking twist on convention! I give you..... M Night Shyamalan's 'A Poop In the Bathtub'. "


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