Saturday, August 26, 2006

danger & intrigue in the parking lot

Date / Time: Sunday August 27th 2006, mid-morning.

Location: my apartment complex.

Grace and I were heading out for Sunday lunch and errands. As we finished our descent from the staircase that led to and from our second-floor apartment, we spotted a piece of litter in the middle of a vacant parking space in front of our building.

on first glance the piece of trash, a styrofoam to-go dinner box, seemed like just the usual 'hey i'm a jerk who has no respect for public property or my neighbors, i'll throw this on the ground instead of putting it in a proper refuse bin' occurrence, but closer inspection revealed a scenario not so mundane.

written in pen atop the box:


possibly the most cryptic thing ever written on non-biodegradable material.

was this box once stored in an office kitchen refrigerator, the stern warning penned to the attention of some repeat office lunch stealer?

or was the box situated in that spot by a lurking resident who placed it there as some sort of twisted psychological experiment and then retired to his window to patiently observe, Grace and I among his unwitting test subjects?

whatever the diabolic cause for the box's existence there, some wild beast chose to ignore (or more likely, could not read) the posted warning and chewed its way through a corner of the box to get to the tasty sausage links apparently housed within.

1 comment:

Steven G. Harms said...

I think that you could have turned the tables on the would-be Milgram by inviting your dog to do his business atop the box.

In the case that it was the case you described, no harm done.

In the case it was the latter, some bozo with a video camera would come running out "hey don't let your dog do that on my dinner!!".