Thursday, March 09, 2006

heather graham - why?

so Grace and I were watching a recent episode of Scrubs (which it seems, on a side note, that the few newer episodes I've managed to catch are unnaturally forcing the 'zany goofy fun' factor more than the beginning-year episodes that we're going through via Netflix at the moment) and the events centered around Zach Braff lusting heartily after a character played by Heather Graham, who according to the show was the true embodiment of sexy or something.

i hadn't seen Heather Graham in any role in a while but it brought back to mind how i always think she's not as attractive as people say or think they believe she is.

to me, she looks as if she was planted here on Earth by the X-Files / Roswell aliens as a human simalacrum of the "attractive Earth female".

She's blond, tall, thin, curvy, etc., all of that which fits the blond bombshell archetype; what gives her away as an imposter, however, is her complete inability to accurately capture and express human emotions (that, and she has eyes that seem too large for her face, but her alien creators can't really be faulted for that oversight given the facial proportions to which they're accustomed).

she's going to be one of those highly-regarded beauty icons that our kids will look back on in twenty years when they're watching VH2's "Lovely Ladies of the 90s and 00s" and say "that's what passed for attractive in your day?" (along with Sarah Jessica Parker, recipient of the slickest marketing boost campaign in recent memory. you clever PR folks, you submitted her name and face for approval so smoothly we hardly even noticed! until of course her face was featured in Gap Ads to Lenny Kravitz singing 'lovely lady' and something just didn't feel right)


Steven said...

When Sex in the City is on I say "oh it's the ugly chick show."

This helps mitigate the baloney of SJP being really good looking (or having good taste in fashion).

JMD said...

I have never understood the Heather Graham thing, either, unless, of course, you were 13 in 1988 and saw "License to Drive." What is most baffling is that she is a truly, truly horrid actress, so horrid in fact, that her alleged attractiveness does not compensate. I really can't think of a single movie she has been in that is worth seeing with the exception of "Boogie Nights."

SJP is okay.