Thursday, March 02, 2006

FOX News: Fair, Balanced.....Grammar-retarded

The office that I work in has wall-mounted TVs scattered about, some tuned to financial news channels but most seem to be fixated on FOX NEWS.

Now, while this does provide for the occasional entertaining diversion from work due to high-speed car chase coverage (so many in California, by the way.. what gives?), I often find myself gritting my teeth over FOX's baffling and continuing inability to catch basic spelling and grammar errors in its onscreen text.

The text I refer to is not the rolling news ticker (though I think I've spotted some goofs in there from time to time) but the phrases printed directly under the anchorman's visage to underscore the main point of whatever he/she is talking about. These are updated frequently as topics change so there are plenty of opportunities for FOX's text & graphics monkey to screw things up.

Good example today during their discussion of the recent NY serial killer murder: "Police Pouring Over Security Video & Physical Evidence"

They are? Really?? What type of liquid? Hopefully nothing corrosive as they're going to need that evidence later methinks....

Maybe it only bothers people like me who go quietly insane when people interchangeably use "insure/ensure" or "affect/effect" but it blows my mind that a major news network would give that plum job over to someone with a grasp of spelling and grammar rivaled by most ten-year-olds.

(crotchety blogger gets off his soapbox and returns to work...)


SB said...

I think you're hot

The Social Bobcat said...

well, it seems someone out there has a thing for grammar nerds such as myself.

must have been the monkeyface pose in my post on goaltending gear, gets 'em every time.

sb said...

dork, this is your fiance!

The Social Bobcat said...

and here i was thinking i was just being hazed by some random blog prankster.

duly noted: i am hot.