Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bread (the food, not the '70s soft rock band)

In another year I'll be thirty years old and I'd like to think that in that time I've come to know a few truths about myself. One of those truths is this:

I love bread.

Be it a proper English Muffin or honey-sweetened dinner roll or seasoned garlic toast or even the infantryman of the bread army, the Saltine cracker, I almost savor them more than the main entree that they typically accompany.

Maybe I can weather this anti-Atkins predilection because I only have 160 pounds stretched over a 6'1" frame; in that case, I officially label my body's metabolism in pyschobabble terms as my co-culprit enabler.


Karyn said...

I could have told you that! You ate PB&J nonstop when you were younger! not to mention your other grain input of choice, cereal.
Luv ya, bread-eater!
Karyn (older sister)

The Social Bobcat said...

hey sis, thanks for the blog patronage. looks like you have a few months of catching up to do :)