Sunday, February 12, 2012

December 2011 - Christmastime at the Sobczaks

Collin arrived to the world just in time for Christmas and seeing his big brother tear into some present wrappings. During the nice weather we also got out to the outdoor ice rink in Discovery Green in downtown Houston, Adam and Collin also got to meet Santa at the local Bass Pro Shop, and Adam toured some gymnastics centers and had a 1-on-1 session with a cool guy gym instructor.

Getting a good look at Collin

Practicing gymnastics forms

Trampoline tumblin'

2011-12-08 002

Meeting up with Santa

2011-12-08 023

Not until you're old enough

Taking the gym tumbling home

2011-12-10 001

Beautiful Mommy and Collin snuggling

Poh Poh works relentlessly for a smile from Collin

2011-12-12 001

Collin catches a nap with Gung Gung

2011-12-13 001

More sleeping - it's what two month old babies do best

Poh Poh finally coaxed out the grins

2011-12-14 002

Adam remembers the good old days in his baby hammock chair

2011-12-16 003

Collin gives a big chubby smile for the camera

2011-12-18 001

Adam and Dad take to the ice

Round the rink

2011-12-18 004

Not enough stability yet for one hand guidance

Weaving fast through the crowd

2011-12-18 033

And while we skate, Collin sleeps on

2011-12-19 002

Brothers pose for a photo

2011-12-21 010

Berry time!

2011-12-24 001

2/3 of the Sobczak men sleep, while the other games on

2011-12-24 016

Happy to see us, or just tooted? You decide

2011-12-25 026

All the kids gathered here at Christmas

2011-12-05 008

Sweet big bro shows Collin some love

Poh Poh enjoys the elephant butterfly net catch game more than anyone

2011-12-05 012

Checking out the Christmas tree train with Gung Gung

Round and round she goes

2011-12-25 030

Celebrating the tidings of the season, with dance!

2011-12-25 047

Garage practice with Dad

Working on the slapshot

Switching gears to goal scoring via foot

Having some happy times with the Logging Locos


Adam and Audrey hanging out at the zoo

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