Sunday, January 08, 2012

The rest of November 2011

late post to catch up on the last part of November 2011; something about having a second kid in the house, and a newborn at that, tends to command most of your coherent (and 3 am incoherent) time.

please enjoy Thanksgiving month, courtesy of the Sobczaks

2011-11-07 002

Gung Gung and Collin - quality time

2011-11-08 004

Adam helps with some late-year garden plant relocations

2011-11-08 009

2011-11-08 015

Passion for digging

2011-11-08 013

Mandated union break time

2011-11-09 001

Adam shows Collin some love

2011-11-09 005

Haircut - getting groomed to go meet HEBuddy and the Cars

2011-11-09 008

Where're my Buddy Bucks?

2011-11-09 009

Big smiles for Lightning McQueen

2011-11-09 029

Daddy's laughing because he had to go into the inflatable obstacle course to retrieve an Adam who was not ready to quit overcoming said obstacles


Collin at his debut public photo shoot

2011-11-11 001

Adam does dry-land practice for his hockey game

2011-11-11 011

Taking a break from practice to watch some game tape

2011-11-15 003

Brothers enjoying a smile

2011-11-18 005

Collin, zonked out

2011-11-24 001

The Lewises came over for Thanksgiving - Uncle Steve and cousin April pose with Collin

2011-11-24 003

Adam hangs out with cool cousin Jacob

2011-11-24 006

Aunt Karyn shows Adam the latest iPad app she bought for him

2011-11-26 001

Collin totally psyched for a drive

2011-11-28 002

Mommy and Daddy's bed - prime napping spot

2011-11-30 005

Poh Poh enjoys a picture with the brothers Sobczak

Adam plays Name Your Brother's Body Parts


A quick laugh outdoors on a nice day


The family cleans up nice every once in a while



Sobczaks in the shadow of downtown Houston

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