Friday, May 25, 2007

sobblog squatter

so i'm home a little early from work on account of the memorial day weekend and decided to check on the ol' blog and see how it looks after my most recent post earlier today.

guess i must have been zoning out when i typed in the address because instead of going to my blog,, i ended up at the site of the original S.O.B.

curious, i decided to see who this person was that caused my friend Steven to have to insert "the" in front of my address when he brought this website into being for me.

this particular blog seems to have died a quick death; looks like the author only posted for a week at the end of May 2004 before giving up on it or leaving Earth to astrally explore other worlds or whatever caused a cessation of new material. so there's not much of a printed record to give us insight on the mind behind the writings; still, let's try and see what can be gleaned.

the author is/was a female attending some sub-par law school in Ohio and seems to have migrated there from Seattle, which she apparently likes/liked considerably more than whatever Ohio town she is/was in.

oh yeah, and she also has a pretty foul mouth / mind; those sensitive to discussions of "blue" topics and words you can't say on network TV should steer clear of her musings. for those of brave spirit and curious nature, go ahead and read her five posts for a quick peek into a world of self-loathing, sexual frustration, familial resentment, and general irritation/anger toward assorted associates, strangers, and educators.

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