Friday, May 25, 2007

Look, this is why you can't walk at graduation

intrepid grammar reporter in the field Steven Harms recently served notice of this article to me concerning students at a Fort Worth high school who were protesting being excluded from graduation commencement ceremonies due to their inability to pass the TAKS test.

here is the picture that accompanied the article:

listen, children, this is why you cannot walk at graduation.

i would go further; to me the photo above is evidence of the need to be held back a year. high school graduates should not fail basic proofreading of the signs that they (or their parents, as the case may be here) choose to display in public as their own handiwork.

(on a side note, what is the deal with sloppily-prepared protest signs anyways? you have some point about which you are passionate enough to stand around on a street corner during your own free time yet all you can manage to offer the passerby is lazy black handwriting on white poster-board with the words just strewn about in a seemingly haphazard fashion? you've gotta put some showmanship into your message if you want anyone to acknowledge it for more than a split second)

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