Thursday, July 06, 2006

the eternal divide

the real test of who you are, the issue that ends friendships and rends families asunder is this:

in what stage of ripening do you consider bananas fit for consumption?

some, such as myself, prefer that point at which the banana peel is bright yellow but comes off the fruit with only minor resistance; fairly solid with a clean flavor, ideal for slicing.

others would contend that you must wait until the peel has picked up a few brown spots, when the fruit is a little mushier. to me, at that point the banana is practically worthless as the fruit picks up some weird sour flavor and smell and is also aesthetically displeasing in its mushiness.

ignoring my bias above, you should ask yourself: on which side of the line do you fall?

and if for some misguided reason you say that you like bananas when they are still green, when the banana peels cling doggedly to the fruit and break off unexpectedly during attempts to remove them, when the fruit itself is nigh-impenetrable by human teeth, then may god have mercy on your soul.

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Banana bin Banana said...

The Qu'aran says that a thousand blessings are upon he who eats the banana of firm yellow skin, like a holy virgin.

I seek only a fruit matching such a form.