Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ann Coulter, please go away

the TVs at my office are always tuned to Fox News and lately Ann Coulter has seemingly been a guest multiple times on each different Fox talk/news show.

ostensibly at the beginning she was doing the usual tour to promote her new book...and i guess her continuing presence is still promotion, although now she seems to be asked for her opinion on current news instead of having her talk about the book ( i don't know for sure, the audio's always off, i have to go on the little blurbs they type out at the bottom of the screen)

i'm tired of looking at her shrew face; as far as i can tell she's a parasite who enriches herself off of others' political frustrations at the expense of the overall social health and unity of the nation.

buy my book, where i discuss how liberals are stupid and worthless! grr, don't you hate liberals as much as i do? i heard they eat babies!

how long has political identification been going through this Jerry Springer phase? seems as though rational, constructive discourse has gone the way of the dodo; all we have nowadays on the news is the republican/democrat version of 'yo face so ugly when you was born doctor slapped yo momma'.

i realize there are probably liberal /left-leaning inciters of the public's passive aggression as well, it just seems as though Coulter's marketing machine is making her shrill voice louder than most over the public media landscape. maybe it's that i'm deep in the heart of conservative talk radio country; can anyone from a blue state confirm that Ann has a liberal counterpart out there also spewing vitriol that adds little to nothing to (or actually detracts from) the greater good?

who knows, Coulter might not even believe what she says, she's just savvy enough to have picked up and cashed in on the divisive vibe that America's being giving out for the last five or so years. give em what they want to hear, watch the bank account grow, take all the money and move to some island, leaving behind a decidely less healthy country. parasite...


freethinker_LIRN said...

Ann will stop her drivel when the checks stop rolling in. Does anyone know how book sales are going for her?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday on the radio I heard an unknown interviewee refute the notion that politics is particularly rhetorically flammable just now by referring to a Republican poster from the '50s with a picture of an elephant stepping on a guy labeled "New Dealism." I disagree, though, that this is just more of the same. There's something to be said for having a Harper's Magazine backlog--it means that I've read several articles lately about "the new Christianity" and its influence on politics. It seems to me that people have given themselves a moral "out" -- a religious excuse to demonize the other guy in ways that go beyond where we've been before.

The Social Bobcat said...

"the Old Christianity" = Jesus, "give all your money to the poor, meek shall inherit the earth, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, etc."

"the New Christianity" = Joel Osteen, "God wants you to be wealthy!"