Tuesday, June 20, 2006

not deadbeat, just worldly

i haven't posted since june 5th but i doggedly assert to you now that i haven't gone the path of the deadbeat blogger, i've just been on a trip with the company to Amsterdam and Crete.

of course that only accounts for the time between last Thursday night and this recent Monday afternoon so the rest of the absence before that remains largely unexplained.

i'm still here and have a story from that timeframe, it just involves pictures that i was waiting to receive and post. plus i'll have the recap of my first European adventure sometime after i shake off this jetlag/travel cold combo.

rest assured i'll quickly return to my rock-solid one-post-per-week rhythm soon.


JMD said...

Actually, one only earns the formal designation "deadbeat blogger" after a month passes without a new post. FYI.

The Social Bobcat said...

do 'hey, i'm still around' posts extend the deadline or does the month-long term start from the day of the last post with actual unique content?