Monday, June 05, 2006

bestest president ever

so Fox News' Neil Cavuto, on his daily show, today posed the question:

"Will the world remember George W. Bush as a great president?"

.....i'm going to stick my neck out here and predict "no".

politics aside (and for the record, some internet quiz i took told me i'm some particular type of centrist, thank you), GWB has screwed up way too much to be considered "good", let alone great.

feel free to come back in twenty years or so (is that the right amount of time passed for people to start remembering old presidents?) and post chiding comments if time and history prove me wrong.


The League said...

I find it interesting Fox News didn't phrase the question as "How great of a President is George Bush? Is he Reagan great or merely George Washington great?"

The Social Bobcat said...

i myself thought the phrasing of the question more as Fox's implicit conclusion that the america-haters will deny his greatness as once did Jesus' disciple deny him thrice in his darkest hour.

JMD said...

This reminds me of Colbert asking, "Iraq War: Great War, or the Greatest War?"