Monday, January 21, 2013

Dec 2012 - Christmas time and all the colds and stomach bugs we could handle

December was a rough month for the Houston Sobczaks / Chows in Manvel, TX.    Everyone from the kids to the grandparents caught at least one type of cold or bug ,  and believe me there were a lot going around the Houston area that month.

Still we had enough energy to pose happily for the camera at Christmas, and on a good note as of this post everyone seems to be over whatever ailed them.

2012-11-29 006

Mommy and Daddy dressed up nice for Dad's company Christmas party

2012-11-29 019

Nothing says childhood like a makeshift couch fort (or in this case, tumbling ramp)

Fun with humidifiers

2012-11-29 022

2012-11-29 025

Setting out the snacks for Santa

Collin gets a jump on his animal books

2012-11-29 030

Angry Birds in real life

Collin talks up his favorite Christmas house decoration

2012-11-29 051

Swinging at the Bartsches on a mild Christmas Day

2012-11-29 055

A jaunty accessory for Collin

2012-11-29 059

Where Adam and/or the frog goes,  so does Collin

2012-11-29 062

Arts & crafts at the elder Sobczaks' Victoria home

2012-11-29 065

Steve and April are twinsies

2012-11-29 069

Karyn gets down to Collin's level

2012-11-29 071

Lara and Adam buddy up

2012-11-29 075

Like moths to a flame

2012-11-29 076

Somehow we all managed to color coordinate

2012-11-29 081

Luke and Collin check out the 'old' radio

2012-11-29 089

Drums: what every kid needs

Every kid (or boy at least) loves trains; but not every train is Papa Bob's decades-old Lionel train set

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