Monday, June 18, 2012

May 2012 - Adam is 3!

Bounce-House birthday party for Adam's 3rd, followed later in the month with some backyard pool splashing for Adam and Collin,   and a return visit to the Museum of Natural Science's Butterfly Exhibit.

2012-05-04 001

'Uncle' Lance sits down at Adam's party with Poh Poh and Collin

2012-05-04 002

Action shot of Adam mid- horse tackle

2012-05-04 013
Post- bounce energy replenishment with Aunt Susan and Cousin Mary

2012-05-04 021

Blowing out the birthday cupcake candle

2012-05-04 024


2012-05-04 028

Collin grabs hold of Papa Bob

2012-05-04 030

Adam's friend Austin helps with getting rid of that paper keeping everyone from playing with the cool toys

2012-05-04 039

Allison and William compare bumps

Collin gets some standing practice with Papa Bob

2012-05-07 007

Why you little.....

An increasingly common sight -  Adam and Collin sharing some laughs
2012-05-07 013
Adam's sweet new ride - a convertible tricycle / chopper
2012-05-07 017


The Fast and the Adam -   Toddler Drift

2012-05-11 002

Gung Gung and Collin with some of the many toys clogging up our living room floor space

2012-05-12 003

Wouldn't be playtime with his teacher Aunt Karyn without some fun educational flashcard time

2010 06 06 (1)

The Sobczak men with the Butterfly Exhibit Caterpillar Statue - in  2010 ....

2012-05-14 029

....and now, 2012!

2012-05-14 003

Running the honeycomb gauntlet

2012-05-14 012

Adam and Dad explore the (replicated) rainforest waterfall hideout

2012-05-14 017

Collin naps his way through the butterflies

2012-05-14 019

Quick family photo (Collin still asleep)

2012-05-14 035

What will kids toss into fountains when monetary inflation and the cost of production renders coin currency obsolete?

2012-05-14 038

2012-05-16 003

Collin,  getting ready for his boxing workout

2012-05-16 004

Fun with water

Splashing in the pool, as filmed by parents sitting under the cool shade of a canopy

2012-05-16 009

Getting Collin ready for the Texas sun

Collin joins in on the pool fun
2012-05-16 019
I enjoyed my pool time, but still only about as tan as Dad (i.e. not very)
2012-05-28 005
Closest thing we have to a family portrait
2012-05-28 007
A smile that seems on the verge of turning beaming or devious
 2012-05-30 001
Collin gets up close to nature
2012-05-30 011
What's up, goofball
2012-05-30 012

The hidey-blanket game is hilarious

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