Sunday, November 06, 2011

October 2011 - Pumpkins & Trains

the weather finally started taking a turn for the colder which led to some outdoor fun times for the kids in the form of a visit to the pumpkin patch and some treehouse monkeying around at Day Day and Mui Mui's backyard.

back indoors a bunch of elderly hobbyists decided to entertain both themselves and the very very young with a model train convention downtown; Adam could hardly contain himself

2011-10-09 001

Adam tells Gung Gung which large-scale train he wants Dad to buy and bring home

2011-10-09 007

Mommy, Adam, and Collin (belly inset) head to the next exhibit

2011-10-09 014

Checking out an A+ worthy diorama of the American train system of the 20th century

2011-10-09 018

The grandfolks catch up at lunch after the convention

2011-10-09 017

Elegant baby Mary

2011-10-14 006

Adam and Audrey amidst the pumpkins

2011-10-14 008

Gung Gung and Adam take a bench rest

2011-10-14 009

All the kid-pumpkins in a row

2011-10-14 011

You can feel the kinetic energy in this photograph just by looking at it

2011-10-14 016

Gung Gung has his hands full here

Adam gives Audrey a push

2011-10-14 017

Audrey hangs on for dear life

Slide time!

2011-10-14 027

CRASH! nah just kidding

2011-10-14 019

Evelyn in the garden

2011-10-28 002

Daily iPad interface conditioning

Flash cards!

Fun time with flashlight: moon on the ceiling!

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