Saturday, July 16, 2011

June 2011: Summertime Adam

no rain for the parched Houston area in June (that I can remember) , but there was still plenty of Adam antics and smiles in the forecast.

Adam works on his ping-pong game, and Paw Paw applauds heartily

Adam plays chicken with Gung Gung, then heads through the Tall Dad Bridge

2011-06-01 001

All smiles on his bike ride

2011-06-04 002

Helping Dad and Gung Gung with the kitchen appliance installation

Top-secret install work, Mom: no pictures!

2011-06-04 005

Chomping down on some cobbed corn

2011-06-05 003


Kiddie pool: where a hat becomes a bucket

2011-06-05 006

Enjoying the sun in a way his now easily-sunburned Dad cannot

2011-06-20 001

Lookit that belly!

2011-06-20 002

Belly closeup, better side view

2011-06-20 003

Mommy and her camera disturbed precious nighttime Ipod time

2011-06-21 001

File footage for his future engineering college application

2011-06-25 002

Just hanging around on the couch, probably watching Thomas and Friends

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