Wednesday, March 23, 2011

February 2011 - A Happenin' Month

So much going on each February - Valentines' Day, my birthday , Grace's birthday plus a bejeezus-load of year-end work for myself and Grace. Free time in the first few months of the year is always in scarce supply but we still made time for the good stuff in life.

As Adam gets on the home stretch toward his second birthday, he has been ramping up his collection of sentence fragments - conversation is getting diverse and even more interesting! "I help" "Adam fall down" "Daddy Ipod please" and so on. Getting into some wholesome family mini-traditions; settling for Sunday morning breakfast watching Thomas the Tank Engine is a current favorite.

Over at Sugarland's open-air mall, running out the post-lunch energy

The building blocks, they go kablooie

Round and round, goes the whirly-basket

Adam and Audrey work together (?)

Uncle William helps out with Ipod monkey game fruit puzzle section

Cruisin' the living room with daddy power

Adam literally hanging around with yoga-like spinal flexibility

Adam and his friend "Cake" (Kate) make the swingset scene

Adam and Mommy do some soccer-gymnastics


Adam's Tower of Babble


D.J. Monkey Choo-Coo Train


Sneak Peek at Adam & Dad Storytime






Daddy has "1" birthday this month!


Rockin' the shades


Load up the delivery ATV


Adam is fascinated with the neighbors' ceramic dog


What a great photo of mommy and son!

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Steven said...

Looking good that lad! I especially like the "Babble" pic. good light.