Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween 2010 Adam - October

Nearing the 1 1/2 year mark, Adam's continuing to branch out his personality. Whether getting funky to his toy music or excitedly grabbing a book and plopping down on Mommy or Daddy's lap to point out the animals and shapes, he's staying active on a constant basis. Mommy and Daddy having a great time too!

Technically Adam's second Halloween this year but this time around he was no mere candy-distributor, he took his costume on the go and made the rounds on our street to collect some various forms of sugar to be eaten by Mom and Dad later.



2010-10-31 003

Ready to Hit the Streets for Some Serious Trick-or-Treatin'

2010-10-31 006

Meet and Greet with the local Halloweeners

2010-10-31 008

Bravely Facing the Lurking Doorway Spider

Halloween Bee Dance!


The Cleaning-Up Smile


Breakfast with Beard-Style Dad

Making Paw Paw & Gung Gung proud: Drinking Soup the Chinese Way

Readin' with Dad

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