Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September Adam

Two major breakthroughs in verbage this month!

"Yes" the all-important counterpoint to the more easily-learned and frequent "No"; also replacing the previous whisper-level assertion of "ah!"


child of the age of hip consumer products and commercials: "ah-pah" (Ipod), having recognized our designation of the Shuffle used to play his nighttime music. He even helps unplug it from the charger and plug it into the speakers

The Piggyback Rides Have Begun

Cornering The Elusive Adam-ant

Bedtime Amusement

So Fresh, So Clean

Kids Holding Hands: Registers An 11 On The Cute Meter

Airplane Rides Engender High-Altitude Drool

Playing It Cool In Adam's New Seaworld Gear

Mommy and Adam Cheering on Dad...

...For Kick Saves and Such

Adam Helps Dad With the Anniversary Celebration

Giant Ball!

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