Thursday, June 17, 2010

May 2010: Adam's Birthday Shindig + the rest of the month

May was busy what with Adam's birthday pool party and Mother's Day but somehow we managed to take some pictures and videos and jot down some of the month's new milestones:

  • dunk - taking it to the hoop
  • "dees" - please
  • "pup pup" - dog
  • bird
  • "nite nite" - i'm ready to enjoy some REM cycles
  • more - hey quit being so stingy with those cheerios
Hand verbage
  • drink
  • eat
  • if it's a ball, Adam can dunk it in his mini-goal and do a celebratory round dance
  • getting the hang of brushing his teeth
  • able to point out different family members
  • gets a kick out of petting the dogs - the occasional dog lick to the face is cool too
  • cause and effect in action - understands that pressing certain buttons do things like make the cars on the race track go
  • starting to actually "read" books
  • saying that Adam loves to play in the pool would be a grievous understatement
  • started playing the "up/down" game on his dinner chair , except that sitting down is "down" and standing up is also "down"

Daddy Amusement Park: Admission Free for all first-born sons

Cousins hangin' out

Mommy and Me, happy as can be

Discovery Green, Houston, Elevation: Dad

We have liftoff

Awesome fun time at the pool

Adam and Paw Paw relaxing at the kids' side of the pool

Adam and friend Austin's 2' sea adventures

Aunt Lara making with the birthday wishes

Sesame Street Babies: the Muppet Babies of the 10's

Fountains = awesome

Hangin' (literally) with Mom

Nice to have family around

Madras and drool: a classic combo

All the pros got started when they were babies

A balloon, milk, and Mommy: great!

Above the (non-regulation) rim


Karyn said...

In my non-biased opinion (haha), those Discovery Green pictures HAVE to be THE cutest family pictures EVER! So coordinated, so colorful, so cute! LOVE it! :)

The Social Bobcat said...

Thanks sis! Give all the credit to Grace for the coordination efforts, Adam and I just showed up and looked good ;)

The Social Bobcat said...
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