Friday, March 12, 2010

February 2010: Adam Speaks (on the 9 month old level)

A little late on posting February's recap - Adam filled the month with a bevy of birthday gifts for his dad in the form of yet more personal development.

(EDIT: almost forgot! First haircut in February as well, just a quick neatening up with the scissors at the local Supercuts)

Vocal - the endlessly useful and descriptive phrase "Uh-oh" became a part of Adam's speech arsenal. what at the beginning was just some fun noise quickly became associated with the act of dropping an item out of reach.

Motor - the fundamentals of advanced baby motion (walking) made an appearance in February - that would be the timeless art of cruising, the method of movement that the diaper industry named their intermediate set of diapers after. there's a lot of real estate in our living room in terms of usable edges that Adam learned to utilize in pulling himself up to a standing position and giving him a base against which he could steady himself as he tentatively tried out two-limb locomotion. by the end of the month, he graduated to mobile cruising when we purchased a push walker - he loves making laps around the main rooms (with the occasional redirecting nudge from mom or dad). on the nonverbal communication front, he is getting the concept of waving 'hi' and 'bye' - right now it still takes the form of him wiggling his fingers randomly but he's getting the hang of it. lastly, he is becoming an expert of moving bits of food from the tray to his mouth - a finely-tuned pincer beginning that converts to the classic "shovel" approach as the food gets nearer the target.

Gustatory - on the topic of food shoveling, Adam has moved on to the Stage 3 canned mush foods (turkey dinner puree!) and has also added bite-size portions of certain grown-up foods to the mix. he is particularly a fan of sausage, green beans, strawberries and blueberries

Tickling the delightfully colored ivories

Mommy and kiddo

Catching a ride in the laundry basket taxi

On the way to his first freestyle rap battle

True, Dad is fairly pale but don't be fooled, he is wearing a T-shirt

Raw baby power, revealed

On the move

The push walker gets a tune-up

Light purple yogurt puffs - just like nature intended

Enjoying the plushness of Nerf's new kitty condo
The central cruising circuit track

Applauding Dinner

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