Monday, December 07, 2009

Adam's busy November: On the Move!

the pictures representing Adam's November below are really just some holdovers from our trip to Chicago featured just recently, since the earlier part of November our camera was away on warranty service related to weak battery life.

at the start of the month Adam was just getting into his first bit of active north-south movement, doing the breakdancing-style inchworm stomach flop. it wasn't long though before he launched into high gear, getting his arms into the mix and perfecting the full-on baby crawl - now we play the parenting game of trying to keep up with him as he gets increasingly more mobile.

other big feats of strength included mastering the ability to sit up on his own and being able to pull himself up to a standing position while grabbing onto something (that something typically being his rugged toy box which he loves turning into his own personal drum - the kid can't get enough of patting hard, flat surfaces)

Clapping also entered the mix - proudly his first attempt occurred attending his very first hockey game. That was in the second period when he was awake - i'll never know how he wakes up from a nap at home with one dog bark or garbage truck on the street and yet he falls dead asleep on my lap in the third period in the middle of a cheering crowd of fans being encouraged by the announcer to "MAKE SOME NOISE".

In the realm of cuisine, Adam continued his foray into solid foods: sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, carrots are favorite while squash (rightly) is not welcomed. He also started work with cereal puffs, fine-tuning his pincer grasp work.