Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adam's September - 4 to 4 3/4 months old

Hi everyone - just catching up with Adam's picture gallery month-in-review. This was a big month for Adam as he turned the corner on mastery of thumb-sucking and, consequently, self-soothing which means he has also been a champ at getting to sleep with little fuss and with rare exception sleeping all the way through the night (Mom and Dad are very pleased with this development)

It probably also helps that Mommy, baby, and me have established a routine of evening feeding and storytime (as narrated by Dad) that give him a set cue of actions that proceed his departure to sleepytown.

September also saw a visit from his white grandparents who don't get to see Adam all the time; he put on a pretty good show of smiling, cooing, and laughing - Adam's always up for a performance for visitors.

Lastly, the later part of the month (unfortunately not captured below) has seen a resurgence in luxurious black hair atop his head, making his crib mullet a bit less distinguished. Perhaps with that he'll get enough natural self-confidence to where he can sell that compensating red Power Wheels Corvette.

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