Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth to America's advertisers: Quality control, for the love of God please

i am an admitted grammar tyrant. i associate the widespread proliferation of good grammar to be a sign of a learned society. conversely, a pervasive demonstrated disregard for or ignorance of good grammar certainly spells doom for us all.

when it comes to the medium of advertising i feel it's safe to assume that this country's major companies, the big players, should be expected to hire capable college-educated employees with a good grasp of the rules of the English language.

so why am i now seeing, a couple of times per evening, a commercial for Gatorade's new drink G2 that trumpets in both audio and large block font "LESS CALORIES!" ??

.....calories can be counted; therefore if for some reason there aren't as many in your drink as you'd normally expect, there are fewer of them.

"less" is for abstract, non-quantifiable concepts like time, stress, etc.

how did that commercial make it all the way from brainstorming through storyboarding without one single person saying something? hell they could have thrown the commercial text into Microsoft Word and it would have done the job for them.


Steven said...

Yay for posts on the 'crease'...

Anonymous said...

it's got what plants crave