Thursday, June 19, 2008

bad santa

at an office White Elephant party a couple of years ago, i ended up with the following item (most certainly procured at a local Spencer's Gifts):

- a clear pint glass, unadorned except for a smiling cartoon Santa extending both middle fingers and exclaiming, via caption: "You ain't gettin' shit!"

it went home with me and saw semi-regular use both during holiday and non-holidays alike

starting a few months ago, i decided to reduce my consumption of disposable plastic cups at work and instead started keeping the bad santa glass at work to hold my drinking water.

as a vessel to contain liquids i have no complaints against it; is it odd though that it feels...weird.. to have such a decidedly seasonal (and moderately crude) item on display at all times? after some time to appreciate its presence at my desk i'm actually inclined to replace it with a more benign glass that doesn't express any particular sentiments to the passer-by