Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye blue sky

i've been a fan of Pink Floyd since i guess someone in college gave me a copy of Dark Side of the Moon, or Wish You Were Here, or both, i can't quite recall. not something you can listen to while you're spring cleaning, or on a summer road trip, but still has its place as creative, ear-interesting music.

i'd watched The Wall movie once all the way through before, mostly remembering the phantasmagorical WW2 animation of marching hammers and black eagles spreading across the landscape; with the visuals, though, the music of the soundtrack didn't really have 100 % of your attention.

just recently i got a copy of the 2-disc Wall cd set; having listened to it a few times now at work i can say that, while i have never personally been mentally insane and therefore not an expert on mental instability, it does seem that no one is going to make a musical saga that better captures what you feel would be an accurate portrayal of the roller coaster of someone going bonkers from the combined weight of daddy / mommy issues, drug addiction and rock'n'roll stardom.

i think it's something in the vocals that's different from other albums in their catalog; the music is not so much different from other Pink Floyd psyhcedelic weirdness, but the singer sounds genuinely strung out and weird.

"i got wild, staring eyes; i gotta strong urge to flyy.... but i've got nowhere to fly to (fly to) (fly to)"